Bringing vertical farming to the public with Urban Oasis

Deep down under the streets of Stockholm, Urban Oasis started growing greens in whole new ways. And as we all know, bringing a whole new thing to the public requires communication. Big time.


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Per Lööv at Formtale
Per Lööv
Product Design
Urban Oasis Content


Vertical and hydroponic farming where fairly new to the Swedish people in 2020. Little did we know about the benefits within space and water efficiency. And as the farm grew in size and capacity, the need for a fresh new package design and communication strategy grew as well. The technology to grow hundreds of times more efficient was there. Now was the time to get our product in the hands of people.


By analysing the market, we knew the risks, needs and opportunities we had infront of us. We designed a whole new visual identity with its very own typeface, illustrations, eye-catching package designs and website. Social media content was written, designed and executed. A meaningful relation with the audience was created. And together with the sales team, we built campaigns together with Linas Matkasse, Foodora, Mathem and local restaurants.


With a fresh new package design, content and hype building up, Urban Oasis where soon to be approached by major Swedish media channels to talk about vertical farming, like TV4, SVT and even cooking shows with Tareq Tailor. More importantly, Urban Oasis could now be found in all major supermarkets around the city of Stockholm and in the hands of the people.

Per Lööv Formtale


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